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    Sergey Papazov Jukola Relay 45 (not necessary) 79109736311 PIN code:  
    In 2019 I took part in the Yukola relay race at stage 5. My personal result at my stage is 295 out of 1772 teams. Ready to consider any offers from teams from the top 1000
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    Butovo Wolves Jukola Relay - 79167199989 PIN code:  
    - Sergey Snigirev
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    If you want a runner in your team, please call the runner and agree onthe participation with him / her. The runner will then give you thepin code that is needed in order to reserve the runner in your team.Note: after the runner has been allocated to a team, the team / clubhas to make sure that the runner will really take part in thecompetition! So please agree on the details of the runnersparticipation as early and as accurately as possible.

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